Procurement Staff Permissions

Procurement Staff Permissions

Welcome Procurement Staff! In this article we will go over the ins and outs of your role and permissions as it pertains to your organization and projects. The selected admins from your team will be tasked with inviting you to the tool which will then allow you to create projects. You will have the role of creating projects and managing your own team as you all move through the process of releasing a solicitation or project. Let's get into some of your permissions and the many ways to support your organization's procurement efforts.

Procurement Staff Permissions

Admin is one of three user types. The other two are procurement staff and user. Procurement Staff are responsible for creating and managing projects from creation to completion. You may also be pulled in to edit other projects within your organization. Your role has the following permissions:
  1. Create, view, edit, and archive any project stage, document, section or project you create
  2. Create, view, edit, and delete new Form and Evaluation Form templates you create, with the option of deleting existing forms/evaluation forms
  3. View, edit, create, and manage tasks within your projects
  4. Manage your project's status, permissions and user accounts
  5. Control permissions for documents, sections, questions in a solicitation you create
  6. Invite the users to the tool

All these features can be managed from you main dashboard, solicitation details page, and Organization tab in your main toolbar. 

Managing User Types

The title 'Procurement Staff' can be broken down into two distinct roles - Owner and Editor. Part of your job will involve managing the users invited to your project. The term 'User' can be broken down into three distinct roles. Here is an outline of both user types:
  1. Procurement Staff make up those on your team that will most often be creating projects. They maintain oversight and manage the creation/format/edits for documents within newly created projects.
    1. Owners
    2. Editors
  2. Users are team members invited to contribute to projects with limited permissions. User can be broken down into:
    1. Guest Contributor
    2. Guest Viewer
    3. Reviewer
    4. Admin Contributor
    5. View-Only Contributor
Procurement Staff can invite team members to the tool as a 'User', then assign them specific user roles within solicitations and projects they create.

Below is a summary of the different permissions by user type.
Permissions Summary
User Types
UserProcurement StaffAdministrator
View all documents in a solicitation
Write and format documents that allow Guests
Create comments and track changes in sections that allow Guests
Delete any comments in sections that allow Guests
Create, edit, complete, and delete tasks
Personal task page
Send messages and email notifications
Personal system inbox
See and answer questions
Export documents
View all users
Invite new users
Create new solicitations
Add/remove people from solicitations
See and use the Action Center
View and format all documents
Turn track changes on/off for all users; Accept/Reject Track changes
Add new documents and Propose Template variation
Control permissions for documents, sections, questions in a solicitation
Use ADA compliance
Export solicitation packages
Change solicitation status
Create and manage addendums
View, create, edit, archive ALL solicitations
Edit organization profile
Create and change all configuration settings
Create, edit, and archive all document templates
Create and change all automation settings for document templates
Approve change requests to templates

Please ensure that a person does not have multiple roles within your solicitations and projects. This will cause system issues with their permissions.

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