Welcome to the platform

Welcome to the platform

Throughout this resource, we will refer to Document Builder as "The platform" for a more accurate description. Within the platform, you will have the option of building a range of solicitations and projects based on your department's specific needs. Need to release an RFO? Done. Need to create and publish a challenge? Done. Need to publish an RFO with the goal of having respondents provide necessary information for evaluation? Done.

A Solution for Rapid Solicitation Authoring

For procurement officials, creating solicitations is often a process of copying and pasting language from standard forms and past solicitations, then tweaking the specifics for the project at hand. But while the copy-paste approach is faster than writing every solicitation from scratch, it creates a number of problems. Over time, it can be hard to know which version of which document is the best and more current source to copy from. And there’s always a risk that you’ll omit important language or copy language that doesn’t apply to your current solicitation.

Document Builder solves these problems by taking the basic idea of copying and pasting from existing documents, then adding structure by keeping your templates and source documents organized in a database. It also streamlines the process of deciding which documents to reference for a particular solicitation by guiding users through a simple questionnaire, then automatically assembling the right versions of the right documents based on your answers. Thanks to our new merged interface you can also create, manage, collect, evaluate and store digital assets for procurements while assets created by the admin / contributor are stored and organized within the platform and  can be recycled for other projects by turning down into a template.

Please note that we have merged Evaluation Builder into Docment Builder. Rather than needing to switch between the two different modules, you can now access any project stage you might need on one page. Please refer to our Projects article for more information.

Access can be found at https://sb.cityinnovate.com

We aim to support a range of web browsers. It is sometimes necessary for us to discontinue support for older browser versions. Due to inconsistencies in the way browsers display web content, pages of Document Builder might look slightly different depending on the browser you are using. If you notice a problem viewing or using pages on any browser, send us an email and tell us:
  1. the web browser you're using
  2. the version of the web browser you're using (for example: Microsoft Edge version 88)
Please find a list of the browsers that we currently support below. We will keep this list updated so you can make an informed decision about which browser to use.
  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Edge 88+
We do not support these browsers:
  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Edge older than version 88

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