The tool helps teams keep track of progress for projects through the use of tasks. Creating and assigning tasks can be help organizations manage the many teams and projects in an efficient and streamlined way. Below we will walk-through the functionalities of a task list within the tool. Tasks can be created from multiple spaces within the solicitation, assigned to specific users, commented on, and tracked to keep your team up-to-date on pending items.

Task List

Task lists can be found throughout a project and generally have the same visual format. Tasks can be  assigned to specific users, commented on, and tracked to keep your team up-to-date on pending items. 

Tasks can be associated with most any item in the system including:
  1. Projects
  2. Documents
  3. Sections and subsections within documents
  4. Questions

Let's breakdown the image Task List above:
  1. Within the SB project stage and within document view, you will have the option of using the Toc or Table of Contents to navigate directly to your task list. Simply select 'Solicitation Tasks' or ' Document Tasks' for quick transport.
  2. Each task list will have a toolbar. You can use this toolbar to sort your tasks based on the following categories:
    1. Task Name
    2. Status
    3. Associated project/document/section
    4. Labels, Assigned persons
    5. Due Date, and Last update made to a task
  3. To view, edit, or comment on a task, simply left-click the task name. A left-hand panel view will appear.

Task List Toolbar

Let's look more closely at the categories located in your task list toolbar. Please note any of these details can be changed throughout the solicitation process.
A list of tasks are automatically created when a new solicitation is created.
Task Namethis is up to the discretion of the person that creates a task. 

Status: This can be changed to CompletedIncomplete, or Archived to help track task progress. Tasks cannot be deleted, only archived.

Associated With: all tasks are connected to a document , section, or project

Labels: this is up to the discretion of the person that creates a task. 

Assignee: You have the option of assigning any task to a specific team member with access to your project.

Due Date: when you'd like the item to be due

Last Update: list of timestamped updates

More on Task Features here.‚Äč

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