Reviewing Sections

Reviewing Sections

As a reviewer, you can review any document or section regardless of status. Your role will be indicated by a small circle with your initials under the role labeled 'Reviewers' on your solicitation details page.  As a reminder, you will have the permissions to:

Review sections regardless of status
Can add comments and track their edits
Manage section tasks
Edit and mark any task as complete
Download a PDF draft of any document

Reviewing Sections

DB documents consist of one or more sections, which in turn can have subsections and sub-subsections which you can be numbered (1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.). You can find a collapsible list view of each section in the table of contents; or ToC for short on the left-hand side of the document view.

Selecting ‘Review Section’ will bring you to the text editor for the selected section. You’ll notice that as you begin suggesting changes, those edits are tracked by the tool with a timestamp. 

To add any new texts, sentences, or characters, you can begin by typing directly into the text editor. As you begin typing, the tool will highlight those changes in green. If you want to make a deletion, simply select the delete button or highlight the text in question and select 'delete'. Those edits will be highlighted in red.

For more information on managing tasks, refer to the article

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