How to publish projects

How to publish projects

When you are ready to publish, navigate to the Publication stage of your project and select the Publish substage.

Enter dates for submissions to start and end as well as a time zone for submissions. Remember these dates should align with your project, if applicable!

Select whether or not you want to enable multiple responses. This would allow respondents to submit more than one response to the application.

Select whether or not you want to activate the platform's question and answer feature.
If yes, enter Q&A start and end dates.

Decide on a Q&A response time. Please note, this response time is internal and will not be shared with respondents! Rather, the platform will send you a reminder to answer respondent questions if you haven’t gotten to them within the time frame you set.

If you enable questions, the platform will automatically add a Q&A substation to your Publication stage.

Update your stage to set the publication process in motion, whether you will be accepting submissions tomorrow, or in a month. Once you update the stage you will be provided with a URL to your published project.

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