Contributing to Sections

Contributing to Sections

Section Permissions
Prior to accessing a section and/or document, an Owner/Editor needs to unlock it for GC's. Your role will be indicated by a small circle with your initials under the role labeled 'Guest Contributors' on your solicitation details page. You can tell if a section is unlocked while on your solicitation details page or within document view.

If you attempt to edit a section that is locked, you'll receive the following message:

GC's can request an editor to unlock a specific section by selecting 'Ask an Editor to Unlock Section' option seen above. You will then be prompted to create a task for the owner/editor of your project. This task will appear in their task box located within the tool. When you have access, you can refer to the information below for additional guidance.

Configuring Sections

DB documents consist of one or more sections, which in turn can have subsections and sub-subsections which you can be numbered (1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.). You can find a collapsible list view of each section in the table of contents; or ToC for short on the left-hand side of the document view.
    You can begin editing unlocked sections by selecting the three-dot menu and selecting 'Edit Section'.

Once a section has been unlocked you will have the permissions to:
  1. Edit the section
  2. Mark the section complete
  3. Manage section tasks
  4. Edit section settings i.e title, status
  5. Version history
These options will be available in document view and section view.

Version History

In an unlocked section, you have the option of restoring different saved versions of that particular section. When a project is created, each section will have an 'Initial Snapshot' stored. Throughout the editing process, you can save different versions of a section in the event you need specific language restored.

See examples from previous solicitations

DB gives you the option of pulling in previous language used in past projects. Users with permissions to edit a section can select 'See Examples from Previous Solicitations' to display a list of relevant examples.

These criteria determine if language from solicitations will or will not display:
  1. Will display:
    1. Project Status is: Published, Addendum, Contracting, Completed, or Archived
    2. Section is part of the configured template
    3. The language is customized/changed from the configured template language

  2. Will not display:
    1. Project Status is: In Progress, Under Review, Addendum
    2. Section is not part of the configured template (was custom added to a project)
    3. The language is not customized/changed from the configured template language 
These criteria were defined to ensure that no language from pre-released solicitations is inappropriately shared and copied before solicitations are released; and to help ensure that all users are working with default templates that are stored and managed on the Configuration page.

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